Some things about me .

I was born in the Netherlands and after WW2 went to Israel . I'm a widow , have 2 married  sons , 5 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson .

For seventeen years I lived near the Negev desert and am still influenced by the landscape , even after living more than 40 years in the center near the sea . The wide spaces , the colors and the contrasts , they all have a part in the work I do . 

I work from my fantasy with an idea in my head which comes from an association or a dream .The works are abstract-minimalistic in order to capture the essence , without the 'Frills' , and leave it to the onlooker to feel the meaning .No wonder Mark Rothko is one of my admired artists .

Aside of painting I photograph also , wherein I try to catch the "Drama" in the picture .

I believe Art to be a tool to bring people together , to bring some Happiness and Joy !

For myself it is a part of my life , a must , just like eating and drinking .

Through Art I can express my Feelings and Hopes for a better World !